SHEELD Profit/Loss - Signal Financial Red Alerts

Preserve your sanity with this simple monthly profit & loss statement sheet.

It's only $5, and all the complex formulas are done for you!

Track your numbers, not your fingers.

Organize all your financial information together in a few seconds to have more time with your family and friends, have a better relationship with your accountant, and save hundreds of dollars every year.

Access your financial health over a period of time to easily spot ways to increase your profits and decrease your expenses, without asking your accountant, allowing you to make better business decisions faster.

Make your life easier with a simple and efficient way to stay on top of your numbers and get a clear insight of your business's finances without wasting time on complex accounting software.


Understand when
you're doing well... or not

Your monthly and yearly net profit/loss report in seconds. This sheet will analyze your income and expenses over a set period of time.

Leverage the power of
centralized accounting

No need to use any complicated software, this sheet will track your income and expenses like an accountant with years of experiences would.

Organize Your Finances
in 3 Simple Steps

Enter the transaction details

Understand your finances' health

Send it & make your accountant happy

Spend more time managing your business, not your spreadsheet.

Stop wasting your time flipping between tabs trying to capture and manage all your financial data.

What is SHEELD Profit/Loss? What can it do for me?

SHEELD Profit/Loss is the trial version of SHEELD Accounting.

SHEELD Profit/Loss does all the heavy lifting for you. Through complex formulas made simple, it organizes all your financial information together in a few seconds to provide you with a net profit/loss report that can save you hundreds of dollars every year. Access your financial health monthly, quarterly and yearly to easily spot ways to increase your profits and decrease your expenses, without asking your accountant, allowing you to make better business decisions faster. 

Make your life easier with a simple and efficient way to stay on top of your numbers. See your progress at glance without wasting time on complex accounting software. Get more time with your family and friends, have a better relationship with your accountant. All you need to do is: input your transactions. You'll be back to do what you love the most in a finger's snap! (I doubt it's accounting if you're here...)

SHEELD Accounting is the full version where you can access a more detailed overview of your finances. Forecast better your cashflow level to prevent insufficiency. Stay accountable to achieve your bigger goals. Quickly know how much money is allocated to each bank accounts. 

What problem does SHEELD solve? Why do I need it?

Every week, every month and every quarter, you have incomes and expenses coming in. At the end of the year, you have to spend hours going through all your transactions to then give it to your accountant, there are a lot of things to worry about:
1️⃣ Missing Receipts;
2️⃣ Unspecified Currency Exchange Rate;
3️⃣ Forgotten Transactions;
4️⃣ Neglected Money Allocation in Bank Accounts;
5️⃣ Unpaid Taxes;
... the list goes on.

But should all this stop you from running your business effectively? Of course not! That’s why I built SHEELD.

You no longer have to spend hours trying to figure out your finances in a boring accounting software, or trying to comprehend your accountant's report. SHEELD can help you in having an easy to digest financial report that is:
1️⃣ Made for Entrepreneurs by an Entrepreneur;
2️⃣ Simple to Learn & Use;
3️⃣ Automatable (Yes, that's a word!);
4️⃣ 100% Understandable & Utilizable for Your Accountant.

How can I add a new Income or Expense entry?
  1. Select the date of the transaction
  2. Enter the provider or description of the transaction
  3. Enter the amount in your local currency
  4. Enter the taxes associated with the transaction (if any)
  5. Enter the transaction amount in the original currency (if applicable)
  6. Enter the transaction identifier
  7. Done. You can now see the transaction in the Overview and Summary worksheets, and you can add additional transaction data if you'd like.
What people says about SHEELD?

"Complexity simplified - I am very happy that I came across what Hugo developed. He meticulously put together a highly effective spreadsheet that I find very useful for my business. At a glance, I have all of my important accounting metrics that I can show my business partners and future investors. What would have taken me hours with lots of hair-pulling frustration has now shortened to mere minutes. He walks you through every step and it's extremely easy to use. I highly recommend you checking it out." - Simon

"Hugo's financial report sheet is comprehensive yet easy to use. At first glance, it may seem overwhelming with a dozen tabs at the bottom of the sheet and hundreds of columns. But you will not need to touch many of them. Just fill in the essentials (income, expenses, goals...) and your financial data will be calculated and recorded automatically. This report sheet is a good starting point for your financial planning." - Ken

"Nice Sheet, Great Support - Google Sheet is getting more powerful each day, and you can automate everything with it. If you want to manage your company's financial statement, then this is the template you should get. Hugo knows his stuff, and he is very responsive. He will also update the sheet immediately to solve your problems. I think this is the sheet you should get, especially if you are a solopreneur or freelancer!" - Leong

"Very comprehensive spreadsheet, great support - I have been looking for something like this to make it easy to get a quick overview of company performance without having to get my accountant involved. Definitely worth the money. Also of mention is the great support and speedy responses from Hugo. Thank you." - David

"It is a solid spreadsheet and I haven't customized the full thing yet but it is very nicely built and does help keep the finances organized!" - Zack

"It's very comprehensive, I like how it all sheets ties to each other, it really goes into details of my finances. It's very very useful!" - Patrick

Who's the maker of SHEELD? What's the story behind?

I'm Hugo Hamel, maker of SHEELD. 👋 

I've been experimenting all kinds of things and hacking things together since my youngest years. (Built my first website in 2006, at 12.) Despite all my failures, solving problems by creating and hunting products has always been a part of me. I want to solve people's problems while helping to make this world better. (Not only by making products and creating spreadsheets, but also by helping entrepreneurs scale their business using systems & automation.)

Five years ago, I had officially become a solo entrepreneur, after an unfortunate massive layoff at work. I kept all my receipts for my taxes, started to forget where I had placed them and it quickly became impossible to stay organized and keep track of my finances. Decided to hire an accountant to give all my receipts, but hundreds of dollars is expensive when you start. Plus, I was still in the dark about my financial health on a day to day.

I didn’t want to pay for an expensive accounting tool, so I started to add all my transactions into a spreadsheet. Then slowly over the years, it’s how it became what is now SHEELD: a 30 seconds approach to accounting in the form of a simple spreadsheet, that can be sent to your accountant.

What does SHEELD means? Why this name?

SHEELD is a combination of the word "Sheet", as it is a spreadsheet, and "Shield", as the goal of this spreadsheet is to bulletproof your finances. 

How can I ask questions or provide feedback?

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch at:

All feedback, suggestion or improvements will considered, so do feel comfortable to speak your heart. SHEELD will continue to be improved as I get feedback on it.

I'll do my best to get back you ASAP, which should be within few hours (sometimes even minutes! 🙌)

Made for entrepreneurs by @HugoHamelcom